Little Alchemy 2 App Reviews

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Easy and fun

It’s easy and fun

iPhone X update

Yes it looks nice but it’s a bit too large and borders the phone. This means that a lot of things are blocked by the notch. There are a few little extra things but overall it’s just too full coverage


My classmate, Razi, loves this app, so do I! This app is just like playing with a chemistry set, but with fun illustrations! 😄😍😂👌. ☀️+💧=🌈

Good ⭐️

Good ⭐️


I love this game! (also the first)

One problem that makes the entire game worse

Now you have to unlock things? I don't like this dynamic and it made me angry.


I highly recommend this game to anyone, even kids. This game is perfect if you like to collect things or earn different items. Best game for airplanes, car rides, long waits, or even just sitting at home and relaxing. LOVE IT.


When I first downloaded this game I thought it was going to be a Full if ad’s game and just be a boring tutorial game, but when I started playing it, it quickly became one of my favorite games, having No-Ads is amazing, the maker of this Game could’ve have been making a fortune off ads but instead wanted to make a masterpiece game. Thank You.

Extremely Fun Game!

Great game and an excellent way to pass the time. Two thumbs way up!👍👍


one time i beat little alchemy so then i waited and this came out😂

i like it!

i like the redesign and new imagery its a similar game with a new look and feel music was a nice touch as well but im not a fan of chiptune some of the combinations from the other game either dont work or is changed to something else also something you should really import from the other game is the lettering system you tap on a letter and it brings you to those elements anyway fun game and its much more rewarding when you find something new

BEST. GAME. EVER. (with some flaws)

Ok. So. I love this game! I completed the whole game. All 661. 661! I thought there was an update that added 39 more, and I cant find the update pack! I love this game anyway tho. Please fix my problems, anyway! Edit:got the update & completed the rest! I thought it came out a week ago. But, a new problem!😬 Im connected to WiFi,but the store wont work! Please fix my *new* prob, thx!

Love it!

This game is so addictive, but I love it and so does my family.

Nice new update

Really happy to see this game updated and fixed, and more content is a real nice plus as well. I’m enjoying the new content pack, I like it’s value and hope more are added soon. Minor odd behaviors remain, but honestly nothing that gets in the way of the game. Only reason this review is 4 stars instead of 5 is the lingering history of poor support in the game. If I see more and continued care and support added for the core gameplay, then I’ll happily bump this to 5 stars.

Store doesn’t work

The new update isn’t working for my phone or iPad. The store section doesn’t open.

Loving it

I generally love alchemy games. But this one takes the cake for me, for the ease of the gameplay. Particularly, I like how the repeat combinations don’t show up like doodle god and ruin the flow of playing. Though I would like a way for the players to suggest new combos. Edit Store doesn’t work. Myths and monster pack is not accessible.




I really like the fact that it’s giving me Hints for the Hard Combinations!

It’s pretty good.

Over all it’s a good game. There are some bad things though. With how many items are in the game, it’s very hard to find new items at around 200. I wish if you combined human and Mars you would get Elon Musk.


This app is dope

The first was good, this is great

it's more Little Alchemy with an absurd amount of creatable goals... there's nothing not to love

Cool game

I love the game!! It teaches me science and how stuff is made!!


I like how items that are no. Longer useful, are put into the encyclopedia so you don't waste your time trying to match it up with something. Better than the first one!

Please download!

If you love education (everyone does) you’ll love this app! I don’t find it too addictive, addictive being bad, but recommend it every science 🔬 loving kid and enjoy it throughly!


This game will keep you entertained


I love little alchemy I think it is very addictive especially when you are on a roll! I love this game and played it a lot since I’ve had it


I played the first game and I loved it and this made me go wow I’m very impressed.🤩🤯👍


This game is the bomb it’s so fun and addictive... somehow just making things with random object is so fun and I love tree house because it’s literally tree+house=tree house The logic in this game is how I want it to be in real life I’m already halfway through the game and I got it yesterday and please add more items soon- awesome game

Pretty good

I think it’s pretty good but think the hints should reveal one of the things u have to combine

This game

Is amazing


Little Alchemy 2 is so fun and addicting! I have been for an hour and I am already obsessed! I recommend this game highly!


It’s fun, somehow.

I hate scrolling through all the items

This game is great overall it’s addictive and you learn stuff, but I hate scrolling through all the items. There should really be a shortcut or something.🗣☝️👏🏽🚶‍♀️🧟‍♂️👩🏿‍🌾👌🏽🤣🤣🤣👊

Wow, can't download on android??

Soo stupid. I'm literally angry considering I was going to re download this crap even though it lags SOOOO much. And you have ti buy elements with real money to completely beat the game? No.


It's my cup of tea

Great game!

Finished the first one and was super excited when I saw the second one. Super addicting!

A1 timekiller

Just put some common sense and some silly ideas together and you can find half the objects in no time. A lovely little game, very cute artwork.



in love with this game!

i am obsessed with this game. i had played little alchemy 1 on my laptop and decided to try this out since i liked it so much, and i was NOT disappointed. the interface is simple and easy to use, but also looks clean and nice. i can sucked into this game for hours. the hints and encyclopedia are so useful. overall, this game is a hit with me.

Just a small problem

I’m unlocking elements like flood and plankton yet they don’t show up on my side thing but I still get them in my book. Fix this and you would get 6 stars

This game was wrong

When you get the frog it says it’s an reptile but it’s an amphibian 😤

Cute game, without found items disappearing!

I WAS enjoying this,until I realized that some discovered elements disappeared! They were searchable in the encyclopedia, but they did not show up on the list! When I uninstalled/reinstalled the game it’s actually worse!! Please fix this so I can up my rating!

Good but 🤔

Hi, I download a lot of fun games, and write an review on them all the time, and I love this game, I'm glad that there's an 2, but by reading there should be some up dates soon to fix all of these glitches, and whenever I create an new item, it gets deleted and I can't ever make it again Please fix- report on games




Dodaj PL, dostaniesz 5 ⭐️ ;)

I love this game!!!

A very lovely game. It has countless elements to experiment with and will keep you engaged for hours. A very good game to play when you are bored.

Fun and addictive

Yes it is

Amazing, but there are two problems...

The final elements disappear after you make them. There is no setting for showing/hiding final elements.


Little alchemy 2 is soooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!! I love playing it!!!!!


When I make sandstone it goes away and it’s not in my side bar! Help?!

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