Little Alchemy 2 App Reviews

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Super fun and addictive

I love this one better than the first!


I like how you have to find out everything

Never forget this game!

This and is absolutely AMAZING and educational for me. And my whole grade plays this game and I got to say this is really fun and it can fill in space for one if you are bored. I don't know who started this trend but...ITS REALLY GOOD!!!


I loved little alchemy 1 but they definitely did well in updating the look and how everything works. It’s great!

Awesome game

This game is so much fun

Little alchemy 2

Best game ever!!!


Little alchemy is so cool I love the Pegasus btw

Update broke previous game

Sorry to say, but this most recent update actually broke the previous game I had. Here’s what all happened: - all discovered items are cluttering up the library, even final items that don’t combine into anything - despite what the update claims it’s adding, tapping on any of these items does not remove it from the library - dragging items onto the board no longer combines them. They don’t do anything really - glitchy stuttering when scrolling through the library - search panel constantly cancels while I type and closes the keyboard - glitchy loading screens (goes white for a moment), not a big issue but certainly wasn’t like that before It’s hard to believe this update was tested at all. This game was once pretty nice, only a couple issues, but I’m just shocked that instead of actually fixing those issues the updates have only added more issues as they go. Right now, this game is a solid Do-Not-Recommend, and a very sad one at that.

Best game I’ve ever played

I loved the style of the game because it’s what I’ve been looking for for a long time!


This game is one of the best, simple, fun, and challenging games I’ve played! It actually gets me interested in alchemy itself. So many combos to try and yet it’s rather complex! I plan on buying hints just to show my appreciation to the developer and the people who worked on this.

Game glitch

It is looping between a white screen and the start screen. I don't want to delete and re download since I just hit 500 items!


This game is probably the best science game ever, Unlike the first one I was frozen and could not do anything, While in this new one is teaching me more and more science stuff, My teacher will probably make me the TACTICAL SCIENTIST!!! All I have to do now is study on this game, And then my new level will rise! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Game is very addicting and fun

I’m always playing with this game when I have free time. It is addicting and super fun

Really fun!

I love this game so much, it is really interesting and satisfying to play!

Great game

I love this game it's so fulfilling when you figure out how to make all the different items


Love this game. Great one to play while pooping.


When I got this game it was pretty fun. Until I started to make things then they would just disappear and I couldn’t find them on my thing. It would be awesome if you guys could try to fix it. Thank you




This one totally tops the first one it has more stuff and keeps you occupied

love this game

it's an amazing game


Really good game mainly just about combining things to create more stuff and it is really addictive Good job!

Best. Game. EVER!!!

This is a GREAT game to play when you are bored. I play it 24/7 but only when I'm not playing Minecraft. But still.. it's the best ever! But I do think that they should add more stuff to make

Fun and engaging

Fun game, had a laugh at some of the clever item descriptions.


Love it is relaxing and fun and interesting. It would be nice though if there was menu to show the amount of unlocks needed to unlock special items.

Great game

Awesome fun

Finally a game worth playing

Addicting! I spend hours with family figuring out new combinations.

Great fun

I really enjoy play the new alchemy 2. However when I play the game the screen turns white. So I spend a great of the time having to go down my list from the first element from the beginning. I hope it gets fixed soon, because I get tried of waiting for it to reset it self. Otherwise I love playing the game.

AWESOME game but one thing.

This game is so better than the first one. There is one thing though... When I first got the app it asked me for my password and it kept doing that for a while before it went away. Other than that this is a great game!

If not better that the first one

More items, shiny look. And when you look at the hint for time... I won't spoil anything.


One problem. When I make some things it says that I did make it but it's not in my catalog and I can't use the item/ thing later on. Is this for items that you can't merge with others or something else?


I don't often do reviews, but I'm happy to write one for this game! The first version hooked me and my wife. No other alchemy game came close to matching the ease of use and cleverness. This version manages to keep the charm of the original and improve the interface and artwork. Well done!

Love it so much!🤙🏻😍

This game is great! It has a bit of a learning experience because you mix different stuff to make new items. It’s like a strategy game but like easier and fun(I’m not a nerd). You have to get all 661 items to get more! So you know what you do: 1) Download it 2) Play it 3)Love it


I am absolutely addicted to this game to a point where it’s a little bit unhealthy. I love playing it and it’s great for when you’re waiting for the T #cityprobs


This game is one of the best idle clickers out there. DO NOT PASS THIS UP. The mechanics are fun and easy and discovering new things is extremely rewarding. Your logic skills will be put to the test, and you’ll get stuck a lot. I just wished the menus were cleaner because ounce you have like a billion objects it’s hard to find a lot of them. Great fun over all though, and there aren’t any ads.

really like this game

good game

Keeps glitching

It’s a great game but for some reason it keeps glitching out. When I got sand stone it didn’t show up in the side bar and when I got obsidian it didn’t show up either.So I reset but then it just started getting obsidian on random stuff like.Dont know how to fix it.

Great fun!

Lots of great updates from the previous version. Have had a few issues managing the UI: Long press takes too long to open the encyclopedia, and the pages can sometimes stack funny. The settings are in DIRE need of a “small icons” button to reduce the size of the elements, since the icons are clearly made to be appropriately sized for an iPad, but on the phone they take up WAY too much room.

Wow great game

This was great I liked the game a lot I can not believe this is free and liked the ninja turtle one a lot I played the first game and that was great two even my dad likes it three very cool images on the first game they were kinda cool but not all the way and keep up the good work ten out of ten 👍🏻👍🏻


I find this version way better than the original. It’s easier to use and find things. And all and all a great app.

Great Game but Glitches

I have already played through the entire game and found it to be quite fun. (Note, the depleting elements feature makes beating the game MUCH easier than in little alchemy 1) The encyclopedia is also a nice addition that makes the search for elements more interesting. There are a few annoying bugs though. Note that they don't make the game unplayable. They are just irritating. - Items take very long to disappear after being depleted or don't disappear at all. - When rotating your device to vertical from horizontal and back, the side of the element field will still delete items you place on it, until you update it by rotating back to vertical again. - Occassional Crashes when using 16+ elements - GUI bug when opening the encyclopedia and scrolling quickly - Some combinations yield 2 of the same element - Encyclopedia sometimes shows duplicate combinations Lastly, some sort of achievement for beating the game would have been nice. :)

I'm loving it

I just love this

This game is the best

This game is so cool

Very fun

Love this game

Little Alchemy 2

I like LA2. So far all of the elements I made, make sense. However as I make more and more elements, I miss the Alphabet list that LA1 had on the side of the elements made so far, where I could jump to that letters elements, without having to scroll through all the elements. This scrolling will become very tedious as I get up there in elements made. With the alphabet index restored from LA1, I would give LA2 a much better rating.

Great Game!

I loved the first one, and the second is even better! I love everything about it, but the only thing I would change is- whenever you’ve made everything you can out of an element, it disappears from your library.

Love it!

One of my favorite games! I love that it doesn't only give you a few tries and then you have to wait 20 minutes for another try like some games. I hope they keep adding more to this game Shark+Tornado =Sharkando

Pretty good

Wish there was an easier way to get hints on mobile without having to open another app


I love this game so much I am at 350 I wonder if I could ever beat it. There are so many but there should be more!!!!😜😊🦄🐨🐼🐻🐰

The Game

This is fun and very addicting very good for wasting time I love it


I love playing this game!!!!

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