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Wow, can't download on android??

Soo stupid. I'm literally angry considering I was going to re download this crap even though it lags SOOOO much. And you have ti buy elements with real money to completely beat the game? No.


It's my cup of tea

Great game!

Finished the first one and was super excited when I saw the second one. Super addicting!

A1 timekiller

Just put some common sense and some silly ideas together and you can find half the objects in no time. A lovely little game, very cute artwork.



in love with this game!

i am obsessed with this game. i had played little alchemy 1 on my laptop and decided to try this out since i liked it so much, and i was NOT disappointed. the interface is simple and easy to use, but also looks clean and nice. i can sucked into this game for hours. the hints and encyclopedia are so useful. overall, this game is a hit with me.

Just a small problem

I’m unlocking elements like flood and plankton yet they don’t show up on my side thing but I still get them in my book. Fix this and you would get 6 stars

This game was wrong

When you get the frog it says it’s an reptile but it’s an amphibian 😤

Cute game, without found items disappearing!

I WAS enjoying this,until I realized that some discovered elements disappeared! They were searchable in the encyclopedia, but they did not show up on the list! When I uninstalled/reinstalled the game it’s actually worse!! Please fix this so I can up my rating!

Good but 🤔

Hi, I download a lot of fun games, and write an review on them all the time, and I love this game, I'm glad that there's an 2, but by reading there should be some up dates soon to fix all of these glitches, and whenever I create an new item, it gets deleted and I can't ever make it again Please fix- report on games




Dodaj PL, dostaniesz 5 ⭐️ ;)

I love this game!!!

A very lovely game. It has countless elements to experiment with and will keep you engaged for hours. A very good game to play when you are bored.

Fun and addictive

Yes it is

Amazing, but there are two problems...

The final elements disappear after you make them. There is no setting for showing/hiding final elements.


Little alchemy 2 is soooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!! I love playing it!!!!!


When I make sandstone it goes away and it’s not in my side bar! Help?!


Love the 1st n 2nd


So fun and relaxing but challenging at the same time!

Awesome ;D

I think that this game is totally awesome not as good as the original though;)


The archipelago is the broken👾

It’s not even working

When I got the new update the app stopped working. It says that the app is open, but when I try to open it doesn’t open.Okay it was a good app but it disappeared on my phone and I don’t know how to get it back.

Best ever

Best thing ever😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is 100% better than little alchemy 2. I like the ideas of hints and the difficulty of it. You mix objects to get other objects and those objects make more! If you beat dis u boss

Little Alchemy 2

It's a very addicting fun game and some of the stuff is actually educational because like air plus air is air pressure it uses real science, but some of the stuff doesn't.


My son and I love the game. We help each other out. Fun game


Great game withso many combinations the priso many combina

Super fun and addictive

I love this one better than the first!


I like how you have to find out everything

Never forget this game!

This and is absolutely AMAZING and educational for me. And my whole grade plays this game and I got to say this is really fun and it can fill in space for one if you are bored. I don't know who started this trend but...ITS REALLY GOOD!!!


I loved little alchemy 1 but they definitely did well in updating the look and how everything works. It’s great!

Awesome game

This game is so much fun

Little alchemy 2

Best game ever!!!


Little alchemy is so cool I love the Pegasus btw

Update broke previous game

Sorry to say, but this most recent update actually broke the previous game I had. Here’s what all happened: - all discovered items are cluttering up the library, even final items that don’t combine into anything - despite what the update claims it’s adding, tapping on any of these items does not remove it from the library - dragging items onto the board no longer combines them. They don’t do anything really - glitchy stuttering when scrolling through the library - search panel constantly cancels while I type and closes the keyboard - glitchy loading screens (goes white for a moment), not a big issue but certainly wasn’t like that before It’s hard to believe this update was tested at all. This game was once pretty nice, only a couple issues, but I’m just shocked that instead of actually fixing those issues the updates have only added more issues as they go. Right now, this game is a solid Do-Not-Recommend, and a very sad one at that.

Best game I’ve ever played

I loved the style of the game because it’s what I’ve been looking for for a long time!


This game is one of the best, simple, fun, and challenging games I’ve played! It actually gets me interested in alchemy itself. So many combos to try and yet it’s rather complex! I plan on buying hints just to show my appreciation to the developer and the people who worked on this.

Game glitch

It is looping between a white screen and the start screen. I don't want to delete and re download since I just hit 500 items!


This game is probably the best science game ever, Unlike the first one I was frozen and could not do anything, While in this new one is teaching me more and more science stuff, My teacher will probably make me the TACTICAL SCIENTIST!!! All I have to do now is study on this game, And then my new level will rise! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Game is very addicting and fun

I’m always playing with this game when I have free time. It is addicting and super fun

Really fun!

I love this game so much, it is really interesting and satisfying to play!

Great game

I love this game it's so fulfilling when you figure out how to make all the different items


Love this game. Great one to play while pooping.


When I got this game it was pretty fun. Until I started to make things then they would just disappear and I couldn’t find them on my thing. It would be awesome if you guys could try to fix it. Thank you




This one totally tops the first one it has more stuff and keeps you occupied

love this game

it's an amazing game


Really good game mainly just about combining things to create more stuff and it is really addictive Good job!

Best. Game. EVER!!!

This is a GREAT game to play when you are bored. I play it 24/7 but only when I'm not playing Minecraft. But still.. it's the best ever! But I do think that they should add more stuff to make

Fun and engaging

Fun game, had a laugh at some of the clever item descriptions.

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